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Activated life is a California nonprofit organization that is dedicated to fight the mental health stigma and raise awareness for those struggling with their mental health. Activated Life is focused on building a community and support system, where the goal is to help people develop better mental health, overall well-being and increase the quality of their lives through our powerful holistic evidence-based Activated philosophy.

Our Core Values

The P.A.P.E.R Principle

The P.A.P.E.R Principle

Our core values are the foundation of Activated. Our values embody who we are as people and help us think, act and work together to create a better world



Regardless of what’s happening in your life, everything is possible with a positive mindset



Being true to yourself regardless of others opinions.



Passion is the biggest determiner of your state of flow…Passion linked to purpose provides the greatest fulfillment.



Empathy helps create deeper connections between people and helps spread the love to make our society a much healthier place to live in.



Overcome adversity and continue to thrive by continuing to keep moving forward!

Our Story

What does it mean to be Activated?

Activated Life is the brainchild of Parveen Panwar. During his entrepreneurial years, Parveen like so many others found himself absorbed into a group of driven entrepreneurs who were consumed by talks of activating venture funds, bank accounts, business ventures, and other material-driven entities. However, as he traveled deeper down this pathway along with them, he began to become painfully aware of the lack of personal development, authentic relationships, empathy, unselfish empowerment, inner peace, and mental & physical wellness caused by the lifestyles that he and his peers lead.

These days lifestyles are full of burnout, stress, depression and anxiety. People are not paying attention to their overall wellness specially mental health, not sleeping well, consuming excessive drugs and alcohol to escape from the madness of daily misery.  We have become a quick-fix society and have forgotten long term perspective.

This is where the word “Activated” helped him see clearly the importance of the true Awakening of society. We all must wake up and pay attention to what’s truly important! A change from within is the fuel for positive change on the outside and with that,  he created a set of principles and guidelines to start leading such a life.

In the beginning, the informal programming​ of Activated Life consisted of hosting several entrepreneur retreats that gathered an average of 40 entrepreneurs across both the early-stages​ and late-stages of development. Attendance would also include a handful of corporate leaders as well proving that the awareness of a need for an Activated Life extended from entrepreneurs to communities.​ During these small meetings, the philosophy of the Activated Life developed, refined, and matured into a global vision to improve the mental health and overall wellbeing of individuals facing health challenges.

Most of us would rather be happy than sad, fulfilled than depressed, uplifted than brought down. In other words, we want to be Activated! That boost of energy you feel when you’re filled with life… The passion you bring to special projects and events… The adrenaline rush of positivity and empowerment…This meaningful, fulfilled life embodied with authentic connections, greater purpose, filled with inspiration, love for the world and our overall well-being(spiritual, emotional, social, physical and mental) is what we call an  “Activated Life” 





Parveen Panwar


Parveen Panwar is a Managing Partner at Activated Capital which aims to bring measurable double-bottom line – financial and social return by aligning investment dollars with Values. Parveen has successfully ran few digital media companies and is also an angel investor. Having suffered mental health issues, Parveen took a  long journey of reflection and self-discovery.  Parveen wants to use his knowledge, experience and inner voice to help awaken others to live happier, healthier, and more meaningful lives, and spread hope and love in this world!

Tony Scherba

Board Member

Tony’s built software products his whole life. His early career he created websites and apps for the world’s most popular musical artists. In 2010 Tony founded Yeti, a leading SF Design/Development Agency. He’s worked with many Fortune 500s and notable startups. You’ll find his writing in Entrepreneur, TechCrunch and Forbes.

Michael Dash

Board Member

Michael G. Dash is an entrepreneur, best-selling author of Chasing the High, speaker and philanthropist. He founded the FATE interview series (From Addict to Entrepreneur) published on Thrive Global & Medium as well as the FATE mentoring program working with leaders to overcome addictive and compulsive behaviors. Michael also Co-Founded the Activated movement. Michael is an avid volunteer, fundraiser, and mentor, and is dedicated to bringing positive change to leaders of all kind.

Kim Wilford

Board Member

Kim Wilford joined GoFundMe to manage the legal and compliance obligations of the world’s largest social fundraising platform and to operationalize and expand the charitable initiatives of  With almost 20 years of experience helping start-up to publicly-traded company leaders drive innovation and growth, she is a business-minded problem solver with significant experience in commercial transactions, mergers & acquisitions, regulatory compliance, data privacy, and charitable giving.

Marisa Panwar

Board Member

Marisa has PhD in Synthetic Organic Chemistry and has worked with Mayne Pharma for 3 years, involved developing not only generic but novel pharmaceuticals. She supervised a number of honors, masters and PhD students at Monash university in Australia. Marisa is passionate about helping people and working with other women leaders to bring positive change. 


The Activated Life Mission is to remove the stigma around mental health, raise awareness, and improve overall well-being through an evidence-based holistic approach in underserved communities.


Our vision is to improve the mental health and overall wellbeing of individuals facing health challenges.

Activated Pledge

I pledge to smile more, to love more, to appreciate more, to celebrate life more, to give more, to care more, to focus more, to learn more, to listen more, to respect more, to be more mindful, to be more truthful, and to be the change!

Strategic Areas of Impact

Personal Growth & Wellbeing : Without the change inside, there can’t be any change outside.  A Better “me” leads to a Better “we”. We aim to provide an environment where people can learn how to live life to their full potential together. We want to focus on achieving personal growth in our mental, emotional,  physical and spiritual aspects of life by developing deeper connection which activates our inner core and can unleash powers within us. 

Mental Wellness:  Stress has become part of our daily lifestyle. Most of us are living a robotic autonomous lifestyle and we are seeing higher rates of anxiety, depression, personality disorder and emotional disorder. We want to raise awareness, create programs and help people connect with their internal world to live a life in peace !

Entrepreneurship:  Entrepreneurs can make significant changes in the world and bring sustainable solutions to many world problems.  You cannot hope to lift economies without promoting entrepreneurship. Existing entrepreneurs can rise together and help take collective action on finding solutions to various problems. We want to promote an ecosystem that nurtures entrepreneurs and higher conscious thinking. Training, mentorship and awareness are key in spreading our message and bring collective social change !


We look for alignment when forming partnerships. We partner with other non-profit, for-profit organizations, state, county, and even national level to create impact with the shared goal of improving lives. We work together to spread the message of prioritizing wellbeing, avoiding burnouts, and understanding different pillars of health to positively impact, transfer and empower underserved communities.

Please contact us to partner with us in changing lives.