Activated Life Programs

We offer evidence-based holistic programs for mental health and well-being that allow people to live a happy and healthy lifestyle and in turn to thrive and improve the quality of their life

Our programming takes a targeted and philosophical approach to re-directing individuals away from self-destructive activities and toward mental wellness so that they can feel happy, healthy, strong, resilient, and in control of their life. We prioritize developing a deep inner connection with oneself through self-discovery and cultivate compassion as the foundation for higher conscious thinking through our programming.

We believe that first, the transformation has to occur within you and once this occurs it will automatically have a rippling effect on others around you.  We promote an environment that nurtures higher conscious thinking. Targeted training, providing mentorship and establishing community are key ways in which our programming supports our members in their transition to an “impact-first” mindset. We create experiences, memories and everlasting bonds together with committed individuals who can grow and become the best version of themselves. 

Activated lifestyle program goal is to help people spark their inner fire, to cultivate their curiosity, achieve transformational change within and inspire them to share it with others. We dream of a world where everyone has the ability to lead a successful, meaningful and with the highest quality of life. This program will help members unlock their deepest powers and connect with their inner self, allowing for a permanent shift in their understanding and in turn quality of life. It will create a winning mindset to live life with purpose and without fear.

Imagine activating different cells in your body to give you the power to fulfill your dream to live life on your terms without limitation. This program will strengthen your focus, awareness, mental toughness, ability to heal, and body & mind connection. You will learn how to be in the “now” and to know that “IMPOSSIBLE” is actually “I’M POSSIBLE!”

Activated Meditation: program will improve your overall wellbeing and quality of life. Performing this meditation on a regular basis will benefit you by increasing clarity, energy, productivity, focus, peace and happiness in your life. This meditation is a powerful tool for raising your vibrations, cultivating curiosity, helping you tap into your intuition and for manifesting the life you desire. Our goal with this program is to help people activate their inner powers to reduce stress, free our mind, promote healing and increase vitality

Activated Breathing: There are different forms of breathing a person can perform to increase their quality of life. Deep breathing is really helpful in relaxing your body and mind. Focusing on rhythmic breathing helps turn your mind inward and activates your parasympathetic nervous system which reduces stress, anxiety, negative emotions and helps increase focus, calm, clarity and attention. Activated Breathing combines a number of breathing patterns to allow for an individual to obtain the best outcome for their body, mind and soul.

Activated Mindfulness: is living in the present moment, paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, and non judgmentally. We see mindfulness as a unique and profound approach to social change, and our work as a social innovation initiative. Mindfulness is entering the mainstream and it presents a historic opportunity to transform society. Everyone can benefit from its potential for promoting individual wellness, healthy relationships, and a more mindful and caring world. This program goes through different tools and techniques in activating different regions of our brain so that we stop running on autopilot and start living in the now.